How to take water meter readings, what numbers to record
The new legislation provides for the mandatory installation of water meters. In addition, counters are the best choice
Act on removing the seal from the electric meter: technical aspects and registration rules
The installed new electricity meter must be sealed. Without such a procedure, it will not be possible to record readings.
How to choose the right three-phase electricity meter
The number of electrical appliances used in the home is growing every year. And it grows with him
How to seal an electricity meter
Who seals water, electricity and gas meters and why?
The seal on the electric meter confirms the accuracy of energy metering, as well as the serviceability of the device. She provides protection
Mercury 230 am 02 How to Take Readings • Information on the state register
Mercury 230 am 02 How to Take Readings • Information on the state register
Mercury 230 AM-01 meters are designed for commercial metering of active electricity in one direction in
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What you need to know about checking and replacing electricity meters
Checking electric meters. Timing for verification of the electric meter. Frequency of verification of electric meters. Cost of checking electric meters. The verification period has expired
How to take electricity meter readings
How to correctly take readings from an electricity meter?
Accounting for consumed electrical energy is given paramount importance, therefore, in every apartment, in every private
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Who should install electricity meters?
The power supply to a home creates comfortable and safer living conditions. Electricity is supplied at a chargeable
Sealing the electricity meter
How to properly seal an electricity meter
Electricity has a high price, and the principle of recording its use is quite primitive. In view of this, many
Installation of water meters
Where to apply to seal water meters in 2022
Where should I go to get my water meters sealed? This question may well be asked by those consumers who
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