Disassembling the microwave oven
How to safely repair a microwave oven yourself
We are 100% sure: it’s enough to understand what’s inside to repair the microwave. Let's start with
Electric motor soft start device. How it works.
Soft start devices (Soft starters) are designed for smooth acceleration and braking of electric motors, limiting starting currents
Which electric kettle is better to choose? Rating of the best electric kettles
It is difficult to find a person who does not like to drink tea or coffee. Therefore, every day thousands of people
Connecting a heated floor: connection options, as well as a diagram for connecting heated floors to heating
Modern technologies for installing underfloor heating systems are now actively used in the housing and social sphere.
Automatic switch between main and backup lines
Automatic switch between main and backup lines This device is needed for automatic load switching
Connection diagrams and types of three-phase electricity meters
To determine and control the amount of electricity consumed, it is necessary to correctly connect the meter. Let's consider existing
Do-it-yourself solid-state relay: assembly instructions and connection tips
Solid State Relay (SSR) or Solid State Relay (SSR) are electronic devices that perform
Automation for BeerDuino brewery based on arduino mega
Last updated January 2, 2022 Today there is an increase in user interest in implementation in homes
How to safely connect external devices to a microcontroller?
Microcontrollers / For Beginners / What you need to become a professional software developer
Electrode electric boilers: operating principle, advantages and disadvantages
Here you will learn: The operating principle of an electrode boiler Advantages and disadvantages of electrode heating boilers Installation
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