Lecture 10 Gaseous, liquid and solid dielectrics. - presentation
Some “tenacious” misconceptions about electricity Hello. I propose to talk about electricity today. We all do
Electricity meter 2 is broken
What to do if the electricity meter does not work: possible problems and ways to solve them
Many owners of cottages, dachas and apartments in multi-storey buildings face the need to solve this problem.
Cable ties: types and features of their use. 70 photos of the best modern couplers
Varieties and design features Nowadays the building materials market offers a huge selection of a wide variety of screeds.
Online home handyman assistant
A modern kitchen is equipped with cooler electrical equipment than starships in old movies. And it requires a responsible approach
Cable marking
NYM cable - detailed explanation of the abbreviation, design features and technical and operational characteristics
This is how the modern civilized world works - it’s unlikely that there will be at least one room
How to connect copper and aluminum wire: tips and detailed guide
SHARE ON SOCIAL NETWORKS FacebookTwitterOkGoogle+PinterestVk Any cable product has a conductor, which is made of
coupling of the heating cable kit contents
— Technological map for installation of end couplings type 3KVTp-10
Installation of cable joints In cable routes, the joints are the most vulnerable point, therefore the requirements
DIY tonometer repair: step-by-step master class
Hello everyone! I continue to summarize and post in a condensed form my experience in electronics repair.
A story about electrical wiring in a house or apartment
Types of electrical wiring There are two types of electrical wiring: hidden and open. The structure of the wiring itself,
How to make grounding in an apartment with your own hands if there is none
My bitter experience as an electrician allows me to say: If your “grounding” is done correctly
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