Which manufacturer's machines should I choose?! BA47-29 from IEK versus iK60N from Schneider Electric
The buyer develops his own preference for any product over time. A significant role here
How does a light switch work in an apartment?
Control the light correctly! Part 1. Switches, switches.
Artificial lighting is the most important component of comfort. This is a necessary minimum, without which modern man cannot
Dielectric screwdriver with hex tip
An electrician's screwdriver is an indispensable tool for electrical installations.
Place Name Characteristics in the ranking of TOP 10 best screwdriver sets 1 BAHCO Fit B219.006 True
Smart home system or remotely controlled GSM socket with the ability to control temperature
Smart GSM socket The use of smart GSM or, as they are also called, SMS sockets allows
Adding sockets yourself
We add sockets in the apartment ourselves. 5 rules for quick installation
Quite often a situation may arise when the number of sockets in an apartment, or in a separate room,
Core EVs
SF6 circuit breakers: guidelines for selection and connection rules
Design and types of SF6 circuit breakers These systems are designed for operational monitoring of the condition of high-voltage lines
All about the master switch: turn off the light with one button, connection diagrams
To optimize the control of lighting fixtures throughout the house, a system device is used. He helps turn off the lights
What happens if you leave the charger in a socket without a smartphone - myths and truth
Surely each of you wondered whether it is necessary to turn off the charger from
How to connect a three-phase socket with your own hands - connector designs
Not so long ago, three-phase input to a consumer’s facility was considered the prerogative of industrial enterprises. Although, if
Apartment electrical panel
Three-key switch with socket: how to disassemble
When a light switch fails, it becomes necessary to disassemble it. If it is found that the device
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